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Transatlantic Women Theologians in the Lusophone World. Texts, Contexts and Scriptural Hermeneutics in Joana de Jesus (1620-1681)

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2012 - 2012

During the 10 month period I will continue the research on the historical and philosophical thought of the Portuguese Reformed Cistercians Nun Joana de Jesus already incepted in my PhD programme. While at Center for Gender Studies and under the supervisi on of Prof. Jorunn Okland, I will be investigating the biblical citations and commentaries the Portuguese Nun has produced and its implications for a feminist theology and philosophy of subjectivity. Simultaneously, I will be preparing a proposal for a po st-doctoral international research based on the early modern Portuguese manuscripts written by religious women (life-writings and foundational texts of religious communities) as written by men related to women (inquisitional processes and hagiographies). With this original and unpublished corpus it will be possible to constitute the first canon of women's theological and philosophical thought i the Lusophone world. This interdisciplinary research will be conducted in a collaboration between the Center for Gender Research, University of Oslo/Norway, the Faculty of Theology of Groningen/ The Netherlands, and the Department of Literature, New University of Lisbon, Portugal.