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KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting

Border Aesthetics Dissemination 2011-2012

Tildelt: kr 0,19 mill.

The research project Border Aesthetics (19458/V12), part of the KULVER Assigning Cultural Values research programme, aims to investigate how changing perceptions of borders relate to shifting practices of aesthetic evaluation through both theoretical refl ections and a sequence of interlocking case-studies that focus on the literature, film and video art produced by creative artists working in, or imagining, border regions and the Barents Region in particular. The Border Aesthetics Dissemination 2011-12 gr ant strengthens the dissemination of the activities already initiated in the project in its first period, developing both traditional and innovative channels of communication with the public and with specific groups of end-users: the general public, creat ive artists and writers, the populations of transborder regions, students, academics, actors in debate and criticism, and culture- and border-related policy institutions and groups. It does so in ways which acknowledge and change current practices of rese arch dissemination in their specific relationship to border culture and to aesthetics in general.


KULVER-Kulturell verdsetting