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Computational methods for submerged structures subjected to impact loading. Prosjekt stoppet.

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2011 - 2011

From a design perspective impact and collisions may be classified as accidental loads, and these events are becoming increasingly important for engineering of subsea production systems. Because of the lacks in the existing design codes and the investigati on procedures related to submerged structures which are subjected to impact loadings, a comprehensive research is needed with the aim of developing robust and accurate computational methods allowing for simulations of submerged systems during accidental e vents. The developed methods should account for Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI), material failure and strong discontinuities in the structure. Although much has been accomplished in developing advanced computational FSI methods, there is still a need for more comprehensive studies showing that the proposed methods are reliable and suitable to the industrial application. The numerical results should be validated against available experimental data obtained in a concurrent project within CRI-SIMLab. Th e results may serve as a background for design recommendations in order to have an oil production in the future which is safe, reliable and environmental friendly.