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The role of the Arctic Council in the Arctic security environment

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This research project aims to examine the role of the Arctic Council (AC) in Arctic and non-Arctic states' strategies and policies pertaining to their security interests in the Arctic. There are two major steps to achieve this: to identify and assess the role of the Arctic Council in the states' strategies and policies, and to determine possible impact of pursuit of countries' interests within the AC on the security environment in the Arctic and, overall, the importance of the AC at the regional governanc e structure in respect of security. The principal objectives of the stay at the University of Tromsø (UiT) include gathering and analysis of relevant materials (source documents, texts of treaties and agreements, government and other reports, interviews with officials and experts, subject and theoretical literature etc.) for investigations and deepening cooperation with Norwegian scholars, who will be crucial for the success of future studies conducted in Poland. Another crucial goal is to carry out rese arch in the Arctic Council Secretariat in Tromsø, which may both provide invaluable source material and contribute significantly to obtaining a new perspective on certain issues. An expected result is to describe and explain the role of the AC in polici es and strategies of certain states with interests in the region and impact of this on the shape of security structure in the Arctic. Furthermore, it is anticipated to enrich the understanding of how states use regional governance systems (and soft law in stitutions) in realization of their security interests and what is their subsequent role in the regional security structure. Outputs from the research will include a doctoral dissertation as well as at least two articles published in peer-reviewed journal s dealing with international affairs and law. In addition, a part of the results will be presented in the form of papers at scientific conferences (such as the 'Arctic Frontiers').