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Exchange of scientific expertise for the purpose of exploring multisensory processing in a small model brain-Mob res: MiK Zhemchuzhnikov, ru

Tildelt: kr 0,16 mill.

By recruiting a young researcher from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mihail K. Zhemchuzhnikov, who has an expertise that is relevant and complementary to ours, we intend to explore and further develop our knowledge. More precisely, we want to bring toge ther specialists with distinct knowledge of individual sensory systems, i.e. sound and odor, for the purpose of understanding a more complex arrangement, namely how signals from the two sensory modalities are being integrated in the brain. Our research gr oup at NTNU has an established background in the sub-field of neuroscience that is linked to olfaction. In order to answer questions addressed at the neuronal level we utilize the moth brain as a model, due to its accessibility regarding various experimen tal techniques, and not at least the fact that the moth has a remarkably well developed sense of smell. Not only that; moths also have a highly specialized system for hearing. Investigating neural principles underlying integration of different sensory mod alities in this particular brain preparation is therefore an adequate approach. Mihail, who is presently fulfilling his doctoral degree, has investigated the sensory system dealing with sound and mechanosensitive signals in crickets. Thus, in close corres pondence with the main objective of the Mobility program, Yggdrasil, which is to recruit young foreign scientists to Norwegian groups in order to mutually internationalize and improve particular research projects, we want to invite Mihail K. Zhemchuzhniko v for a 12 month stay in our lab.