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POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES

Svalbard Young Researchers Network

Tildelt: kr 99 999

Svalbard is the site for numerous international and interdisciplinary research projects every year that involve both senior and early career researchers (ECRs). Especially for ECRs that may conduct their first field season in this area, knowing the logist ics and infrastructure available to carry out their research and familiarity with ongoing research are critical. As an initiative of the latest International Polar Year, APECS has built an online community of over 3100 members from 76 countries, including 150 members based in or working on Svalbard, and is proficient and skilled in meeting online to share scientific presentations and capacity building seminars. As a result, the APECS community now provides a global platform to share results and create con nections between people that work in similar fields but may be separated geography. APECS is proposing to help the many ECRs working on Svalbard form a network to help increase our understanding of the environmental and social conditions on this Arctic Ar chipelago. The impetus for this network will be an online workshop for ECRs working in the various international research communities on Svalbard to discuss current research, develop collaborations and learn more about the facilities and research logistic s offered. This will allow for easy data sharing and live discussions between ECRs at their field stations or their home institutions, and also allow others interested in working on Svalbard to join the discussions online. Building on this momentum, APECS will create an online resource via its website dedicated to Svalbard research that can serve as an exchange platform for for all ECRs working on This will include: a) edited workshop videos, b) research posters from ECRs, c) FrostBytes and d) online disc ussion forums. This will encourage and facilitate exchange and collaboration between ECRs, increasing the research capacity of ECRs and senior researchers through closer cooperation, coordination and communication.


POLRES-Polarforskning POLRES