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Philosophy of War Mobile researcher: Yuriy Loboda, Ukraine

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Among numerous philosophic fields of research like philosophy of law, language, logic, mind, science, biology, history, society etc had emerged new discipline - philosophy of war. Though philosophers from Heraclitus to Bernard Henri-Levy were always inter ested in war and projects of eternal peace, military theory and history, the independent discipline was established just recently by Alexander Moseley, author of book "Philosophy of war". Subject of investigation: - main concepts and doctrines of military science (notion of war, history and typologies of wars, basic concepts of classical military science, works of main theorists of war, contemporary military doctrines, legal issues of war); - principles of art of war (classical works of Sun Tzu and Sir B .H. Liddell Hart), - analysis of philosophic issues of war will include: totality of war in dichotomy war/game; cense-creating role of war in conditions of "existential vacuum"; methodology of critical philosophy of history; basics of theory of conflicts; war as a symptom of crack of civilizations (A.J.Toynbee); Philosophic cratology (philosophy of power); wars as a clash of outlooks (Civilization and barbarians. Rationalism and empiricism. Clash of civilizations); theories of just war. Just aim and just means; ethical dimensions of war. - Conclusion will include: problems of theory of democratic peace; problems of overcoming war. "Strategy of indirect approach"; interventions and colonization; value of war studies for peacekeeping. The significance of p hilosophy of war can be defined in the following way: it is new interdisciplinary research, with wide realm of investigations, which needs elaborating its structure, main objectives, methodology. My research "Philosophy of war" matches these requirements and appears to be the second in contemporary philosophy, after Alexander Moseley's work.