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The Wittgenstein Dictionary: A Comprehensive Dictionary of Wittgenstein's Philosophy

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2014 - 2014



This project will enable the completion of a comprehensive dictionary of Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy using the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen to research the origin and development of key terms and views in Wittgenstein's extensive Nachlass material. The dictionary will include entries for all of the major terms and views involved in Wittgenstein's philosophy as well as for each of Wittgenstein's published works, with references to further reading following each entry. In addition, the dictionary will include an essay giving an overview of Wittgenstein's philosophy and a detailed timeline of his life and work. The dictionary is to be published by Continuum in the series 'Continuum Philosophy Dictionaries' and is intended to become the first-choice dictionary for Wittgenstein's thought through its extensive and up-to-date coverage and its balanced, accessible and in-depth presentation of his views. Currently, the dictionary is 50% complete. The project will focus on writing and revi sing entries in five central areas of Wittgenstein's thought to take account of the material in Wittgenstein's Nachlass and comments from peers. The five areas to be completed during the project are the following: Language, Mind, Philosophy, Mathematics, and Value. Within each area, the project will complete final versions of five to fifteen individual entries, covering one major topic area per month, to complete the dictionary. At the end of the project, the completed manuscript will be submitted to Cont inuum for publication later the same year. The project will also allow for the development and presentation of on-going work-in-progress developing unique accounts of Wittgenstein's philosophical method and his radically revisionary approach to ethical th ought.


IS-BILAT-Mobilitet Norge-USA /Canada