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IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon


Tildelt: kr 40 565

The European Technology Platform Net!Works and ISI have launched a common platform 29/10/2013. This new ETP will be the root for the proposed 5G Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) in Horizon 2020. A new name is still under discussion. Therefore, the name Ne t!Works is used for now until the new name is chosen. SINTEF-IKT is committed to - Be part of the Net!Works community across industry and research actors as an innovation facilitator - Understand the relationship between the ETP steering board and the 5G -PPP association - Understand the 5G-PPP objectives, structure and mechanisms - Account for the industrial views on 5G technologies - Influence National and EU research workplans thanks to collaborative efforts in writing a strategic research agenda, and calls for proposals - Build public support for new topics This work implies a regular followup of the ETP activities both by email and physical meetings. It has been a current practice for Net!works to hold two to three meetings a year in Brussels or i n conjunction with a related conference. SINTEF ICT wishes to strengthen its participation in European projects through networking in the Net!Works community. Attending Net!Works events and following up ideas will help positioning SINTEF towards a consor tium in the frame of H2020-ICT call 1 and in particular call 2 (5G-PPP).


IKTPLUSS-IKT og digital innovasjon