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Spesialist fra Kina: Convex hull algorithm of description gamut boundary used for anti-counterfeiting printing

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2015 - 2015

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In this project, it is my pleasure to do some research work in digital imaging processing area with aide of the Norwegian Information Security Laboratory in Gjøvik University College. The convex hull algorithm of description gamut boundary possesses the higher accuracy than segment maxima gamut boundary descriptor. Currently, I have finished a lot of work in the area of convex hull algorithm of description gamut boundary. In order to descript the color gamut boundary, a 3D convex hull theory in computational geometry is performed, which is confirmed that more boundary point could be found. After using my model such as 3D Gift-Wrapping algorithm, 3D incremental algorithm, 3D quick convex hull algorithm, and 3D divide and conquer algorithm, the gamut boundary closer to the real color gamut boundary was obtained. However, I'm confusing that how to chose the appropriate gamut boundary description algorithm in improving the accuracy of the model. Fortunately,professor Bian Yang who is the famous scholer in the computer scince and technology in Gjøvik University College could present some kind help to me. It would be highly appreciated if I have a opportunity to solve my questions, and any response from the Research Council of Norway is welcome.