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Reisestøtte: Search Based Software Testing in Practice

Tildelt: kr 9 926

This exchange project aims at deepening the strong collaboration in terms of Search-Based Software Testing (SBST) for Real-time and embedded systems (RTESs) between Simula Research Laboratory, Norway and Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Beihang University, Beijing, China. The project will mainly focus on the applications of testing RTESs by employing various search techniques (e.g., Genetic Algorithms). During the three-week visit, Simula and SEI will share the expertise and experience in terms of applying SBST in practice with the aim to solving real industrial multi-objective optimization problems (MOOPs) for testing RTESs in different domains, e.g., communication, aviation. Notice that Simula has gained a lot of experience for applying SBST through several industrial collaborations, such as test minimization and prioritization in Cisco, test prioritization in Kongsberg. Meanwhile, SEI has investigated and researched a set of challenging testing problems of RTESs in several domains, particularly for aviation domain, which have possibility to be formulated as MOOPs and solved by SBST. Thus, by employing this exchange project, Simula and SEI will together explore whether SBST can be a good solution candidate for efficiently solving the problems for testing RTESs faced by SEI, e.g., multi-objective test case selection in aviation domain. In addition, Simula and SEI will together conduct pilot experiments for applying SBST to solve the investigated problems, which may result in several scientific achievements in the near future, e.g., journal or conference publications. It is also worthy to mention that this exchange project is based on a well-structured previous collaboration (since 2011) between Simula and SEI in terms of model-based testing and aims at maintaining such scientific collaboration between these two organizations from a long perspective with varying research topics (e.g., SBST).