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KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima

Ultra-High-Resolution Marine and Terrestrial Records - Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (ULTRA-INSTAAR)

Tildelt: kr 87 999

The ULTRA-INSTAAR project is a mobility stipend to enhance research and collaboration focused on reconstructing and understanding the long-term (century to millennial scale) development of key aspects of ocean-ice-atmosphere dynamics at annual to sub-annual resolution. In ULTRAMAR, we aim to quantitatively constrain and explain interannual to multidecadal marine climate variability in the North Atlantic / Nordic Seas gateways and the broader subarctic-arctic Atlantic. The methodological approach of ULTRAMAR is based on: (1) Developing new sclerochronological data records based on the long-lived bivalve Arctica islandica; (2) Developing a comprehensive, integrated and statistically-evaluated dataset of pertinent ultra-high-resolution marine (and selected terrestrial) proxy records, and (3) Applying advanced time-frequency-domain time-series analysis techniques (e.g., wavelet analysis and Fourier methods) to ultra-high-resolution paleoenvironmental records. We are developing new baseline sclerochronology data records from SW Iceland, and will quantitatively analyse this material and more than 25 other ultra-high-resolution records using a suite of advanced statistical techniques. Temporally, the data records span century+ to millennial time ranges. Spatially, these records span from northeastern North America, Greenland, Iceland and across the northern North Atlantic/Nordic Seas to Scandinavia including Svalbard. The disparate records include: marine sclerochronological records from bivalves, extratropical corals, marine sediment-based proxies for ocean temperature and sea ice, pertinent terrestrial records with annual to sub-annual resolution, as well as several baseline time series of multi-proxy statistical reconstructions of air and ocean temperature. Here this KLIMAFORSK mobility grant activity will take advantage of the multi-proxy terrestrial and marine expertise of researchers at INSTAAAR, the host institute.


KLIMAFORSK-Stort program klima