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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Developing first large-scale organic seaweed fermentation process for use in food and nutraceuticals

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The aim of the SEAPRO project is to create a disruptive fermentation process to produce a new alternative organic seaweed-based product by combining our optimized cultivation process with advanced bacteria strains for a disruptive new and uniquely cheap seaweed preservation method at large-scale. This will expand the range of applications for edible seaweed through novel flavours, health benefits and nutrients availability, while boosting current production yields allowing for the first time to store cultivated seaweed over long periods in its natural wet environment, considerably reducing overall product costs (~56%). The SEAPRO project revolves around key novelty features that will enable us to be first movers on the EU and global markets for large-scale organic seaweed production. Our key novelty revolves around our adapted approach to cultivation and processing – pertaining to the use of adapted machinery for mechanised deployment and harvesting. Our key differentiation features are lower production and product costs, novel product properties, and a completely traceable and certified production pathway. The project is well aligned to the EUROSTARS programme, which is designed to support research intensive SMEs with early stage high risk R&D-focused projects with a large potential market and a short route to market (< two years) which is a good characterisation of this project. Besides Seaweed Energy Solutions AS acting as project coordinator and being involved in all work packages, the consortium will consist of: ISI Food Protection (DK) with extensive experience in food safety; Aventure (SE) focusing on nutrition and biotech concepts; Copenhagen University (DK), with expertise in the development of new and sustainable foods and ways of producing them. Lund University (SE) holding vast knowledge within the chemical and physical design of health-promoting food.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020