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PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020

Seaweed-based flexible and home-compostable food packaging

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2021 - 2021

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The SeaweedPack project will research, develop and demonstrate our revolutionary, unique and patent-pending technology for revolutionary flexible, and home-compostable films based on seaweed extracts. The materials can replace conventional single-use plastic films in food-contact applications. Our solution will contribute to reduce the use of non- or hardly recyclable plastic materials for single-use food packaging, thus reducing CO2 emissions. We aim to initiate pre-sales of a premium product to the food industry right after this project, and reach full commercial scale within 20 months after the project. The project consists of four key milestones: 1) a sharply defined plan of the product strategy and how the solutions should be delivered; 2) optimization of product formulation and manufacturing trials at lab scale; 3) pilot manufacture, characterization and evaluation; and 4) sustainability assessment, and business case development. The SeaweedPack Project is well aligned to the EUROSTARS programme, which is designed to support research intensive SMEs with early stage high risk R&D-focused projects with a large potential market and a short route to market (< two years) which is a good characterisation of this project. The SeaweedPack project unites a strong complementary consortium. The coordinating organisation is B’ZEOS (NO), owners of the SeaweedPack formulation and overseer of its development. B’ZEOS’s role is the Packaging developer for compostable food packaging materials based on seaweed. The company is specialized in this field and has a unique technology platform (patent pending) to develop the products as planned in this project.


PES2020-Prosj.etabl.støtte H2020