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Boosting intraoperative ultrasound imaging quality with advanced acoustic coupling

Tildelt: kr 74 999





2021 - 2021


SonoClear AS has developed an acoustic coupling fluid (ACF) for use in intraoperative ultrasound for brain tumor surgery. The ACF removes noise in the ultrasound images as the acoustic properties of the fluid mimic the acoustic properties of normal brain tissue. This allows the remaining tumor to be precisely identified, providing a powerful clinical tool to achieve total removal of brain tumors. The ACF will significantly increase the usability of intraoperative ultrasound in neurosurgery, a faster, easier to administer and less expensive surgical imaging technology. Besides brain surgery, we are already developing the solution for breast cancer and cardiac surgeries, and have identified additional important applications for the technology. Our ambition is to become the leading market player in acoustic coupling solutions – tackling the challenges faced by surgeons when applying ultrasound imaging during surgeries. SonoClear AS will lead the project, which will focus on the market launch and commercialization of our innovation. The main barriers for SonoClear AS going forward are related to acceptance by end-users and regulatory approval. This project will enable: 1) clinical validation and demonstration; 2) obtaining regulatory approval; 3) engaging with key opinion leaders and stakeholders. The EIC Accelerator program provides a unique opportunity for SonoClear AS to showcase the potential of its innovation and gain market intelligence that will ultimately lead to acceptance by end-users. The completion of the project objectives is important for ensuring a successful entrance to the market and commercialization of our innovative acoustic coupling fluid.