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Novel Horizontal Closed Loop technologies for sustainable geothermal energy

Tildelt: kr 0,60 mill.

Backgound: Reelwell has during the recent years developed a drilling solution based on DualPipe, i.e. a dual channel drill pipe. The technology has been successfully verified in Canada and Norway. In 2018 Reelwell started the Demo2000 project “RDM-C Liner Drilling”, RCN project number 272126, supported by Equinor, AkerBP, Lundin and Wintershall-DEA and Halliburton. In this project the DualPipe drilling technology was adapted for steerable liner drilling. Idea for this project: The recent development in the above described project opens for a new way for construction of closed loop geothermal systems with less operational non productive time and with improved performance, compared to conventional technology for drilling and completion of geothermal wells. In order to realize this new potential for energy production it is here proposed to establish a european joint industry effort, to verify and evaluate the technology. The joint industry project is foreseen to include drilling completion and evaluation of a geothermal pilot well.