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BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet

One Health initiatives to reduce the emergence of AMR in Low and Middle Income Countries – a pre-project to prepare for studies in Cambodia

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Southeast Asia is a hot-spot area for emergence and spread of AMR, and one of the main drivers is overconsumption of antimicrobials. As a result of an increasing demand for animal-source foods, farming systems are shifting to more intensified large-scale systems. Antimicrobial use in the livestock sector in Asia is expected to increase in the coming decades. It is crucial to understand the patterns and drivers for antimicrobial use in order to tailor efficient incentives for responsible use of antimicrobials and limit emergence of AMR. A One Health approach is needed to fully understand AMR transmission and interactions between the different compartments. There are considerable knowledge gaps on the epidemiology of AMR bacteria and consumption of antimicrobials in Cambodia, particularly in non-human sectors. Studies have shown that AMR bacteria are common in humans and animals, that farming practices favour spread of AMR between compartments, and that antimicrobial misuse is common. There is a need to collect baseline data on AMR in farms and food, and to establish associations between AMR in animals and humans. In this pre-project we will perform various types of preparatory work. We will map needs and development possibilities as preparation for a Collaborative and Knowledge building project. We will arrange partner meetings, seminars and workshops. Both physical and online meetings are planned and will facilitate establishment of a robust consortium. Efforts will be made to include partners with expertise in food production and the environment. The overall goal of the activities is to build networks and establish collaborations as a basis for a main project that will contribute to build sustainable One Health AMR capacities in Cambodia. The partners have a previously established a well-functioning collaboration in connection with the JPIAMR project REDUCEAMU, and SLU have collaborated with partners in Cambodia (RUA and NAHPRI) on zoonotic diseases and AMR.


BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet