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BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet

Developing one health approach for control of antimicrobial resistance in humans, animals & aquatic environments in China, India and Norway

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The overall aim of this pre-project is to develop a multisector One health consortium comprising of environmental, animal and human health experts that will subsequently develop the main project application for the control of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in China, India and Norway. The reason for including China and India in this project application is that these two countries account for the largest antimicrobial consumption (69.2%) share in the world with China accounting for 51.2% and India 11.2%. These two countries are also the largest aquaculture producers with China accounting for 51.2% and India 9.9% of the global aquaculture output. The aquaculture industry in these countries is highly dependent on antibiotics use for the control of infectious diseases. In addition, these two countries account for one-third of the total global human population. Therefore, establishing a One Health consortium aimed at reducing AMR in aquatic environments, farmed terrestrial and aquatic animals, and humans in India and China will significantly contribute to a reduction of AMR to a large proportion of the global human population and aquaculture industry. Involvement of Norwegian scientists in the One Health consortium makes a significant contribution of Norway in the fight against the increasing global trend of antimicrobial resistance. The pre-project aims at taking inventory of existing resources on AMR, identifying potential risk factors and key areas for inclusion in the main project application from each participating country. If the main project gets funded, the overall output is expected to contribute to reducing human mortalities caused by AMR pathogens, improve food safety and ensure a safe aquatic environment for aquaculture, coastal recreation and tourism.


BEDREHELSE-Bedre helse og livskvalitet