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Deposition and Preservation of Carbonates in Tectonically Active Regimes (RiS ID: 11784).

Tildelt: kr 94 000

Following the breakup of the Caledonian orogeny, Svalbard experienced extension and strike-slip tectonics forming a complex network of basement highs and sedimentary basins. Within geology it is important to have models of how uplift and subsidence around large-scale lineaments influences deposition and preservation of sediments. The aim of the fieldwork is i) to compile sedimentary logs of the Late Carboniferous-early Permian Treskelodden and its time-equivalent on the southern and northern side of Bellsund, ii) to acquire 3D photogrammetry data using drones of the targeted outcrops, to display geometry of the geologic layers iii) to sample geologically significant beds for age dating, stratigraphic correlation and to determine depositional environment. To do this, three field targets have been chosen; Festningen, Kleivdalen and Aldegondaberget, which display the variation of facies deposited from a proximal basin margin position at Aldegondaberget towards a more pronounced basinward position towards the North (Festningen).


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum