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Nutrient availability through decomposing plant litter (litterbag). Ris ID 11863

Tildelt: kr 53 652

Arctic breeding barnacle geese affect the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients by providing an accelerated pathway of decomposition through digestion and the return of plant matter in the form of faecal pellets and so affecting the transfer of nutrients to their forage species. As such, geese change the litter input. To disseminate the effects of geese from the effects of litter input, a standardised litter bag experiment will be used to compare decomposition and nutrient cycling rates in grazed and ungrazed (long term exclosures) areas. We will link the decomposition with alternative nutrient input from goose and reindeer dropping, arthropod and microbial activity and the annual production of selected plant species. This will be done in various vegetation types and locations with long-term exclosures. Litterbags will be supplemented with faeces and springtails, to study the effect of these in an experimental way.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum