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Subglacial mercury cycling and associated export from Jan Mayen to the North Atlantic, RiS ID 11817

Tildelt: kr 72 000

The MerJM project looks to establish baseline concentration and temporal behavior of the toxic element mercury (Hg) in natural streams emerging from glaciers overlying an active volcano on Jan Mayen. The importance of natural sources of Hg in regional mercury cycling in the North Atlantic will be assessed and how these systems interact might be impacted in a warming climate. No geochemical data is currently available for natural waters on Jan Mayen therefore this project will help fill an important gap in knowledge, particularly for areas where glaciers and volcanoes co-exist. We propose to conduct a detailed study of Hg hydrochemistry over several days in the outlet stream of Sørbreen, the largest glacier (~15 km2) on Jan Mayen that terminates on the southern side of the Beerenberg volcano. We will supplement the Sørbreen dataset with opportunistic samples from other glacier meltwater streams, coastal waters and other potential Hg sources (e.g., snow, ice, hydrothermal water) as logistically feasible.


SSF-Svalbard Science Forum