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Circular Twin

Tildelt: kr 70 000

Circular Twin aims to design, deploy, and validate a holistic framework of solutions that will pave the way towards a Circular Economy- driven sustainable production era realizing the vision of Industry5.0; it will do so, by developing, delivering, and validating holistic, Standardized collaboration models towards a multi-level C.E. corpus, that will deliver a clear roadmap for the next level of collaboration between different industries, actors and stakeholders with a common goal towards real sustainable production driven by the application of Circular Economy principles. In more detail, this collaboration framework will comprise: (i) A ‘material corpus’, forming a pool of materials that are of no use for a specific industry / production process, but could be potentially recycled, reused or refurbished by another actor; (ii) A ‘data corpus’, that will include (a) real-time production data from different production lines, shared in a trustworthy manner, that will be used for track and trace operations, as well as to facilitate decision support and knowledge management, (b) data related to the time and accuracy of the implementation of the Circular Economy processes, as well as (c) APIs to existing industrial Data Spaces platforms; and (iii) a Business Processes corpus, that will comprise best practices and processes for reusing, recycling, refurbishing and remanufacturing products and materials, for reduction of dependencies on imported materials, as well as for exploitation of secondary materials.