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Security and preparedness in the changing north – research perspectives.

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De 5 temaene vil fokusere på følgende: Theme 1: Conditions for livelihoods, health, and ecosystems Northern and Arctic regions experience more rapid warming than the global average, with impacts threatening livelihoods, health, and ecosystems, for example by thawing permafrost, melting glaciers, increased frequency of extreme events, such as storms, floods and wildfires. Theme 2: Forecasting the changing ice, ocean and weather conditions Climate change leads to increased activity in the North, but the “high-impact weather” common in these areas is hazardous to marine operations and industrial development. Theme 3: Impacts of climate change - effects and actions Climate change in the Arctic impacts large areas of the globe, including the Nordic countries, and society needs to respond to these changes through mitigation to cut emissions, adaptation and transformation to a low-emission society. This implies changing regional patterns of sustainable resources, potentially moving across borders with major socio-economic effects. Theme 4: Access to infrastructure and data for Arctic research A large part of the Arctic region is environmentally harsh and geographically remote, i.e. located far away from populated areas. Gathering of direct field observations from the Arctic region is critical for numerous research projects and monitoring programs. Theme 5: Geopolitics, security and defense Climate change is one significant driver of the increasing interest in Arctic, by non- Arctic nations. The retreating sea ice increases the accessibility to shipping routes and resources and may lead to critical and irreversible tipping points, both in the environment and in geopolitics. The geopolitical and societal situation in the Arctic increases steadily in complexity and unpredictability as the global community strives for larger shares in the future exploitation of the region’s resources.