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Evidence-based prediction & selection of High Performance Professionals - HPP

Tildelt: kr 74 999

The demand for individuals to occupy positions or roles that requires a high level of psychological resilience is soaring regardless of location, form of organisation or industry, but unlike many other professions, selection of individuals to roles that demands a high level of psychological resilience shows to be a challenge for many organizations. We define these individual as a high performance professionals (HPP). 2 out of 3 recruitment/selection managers interviewed find the most complicated and difficult recruitment processes to be related to the recruitment of HPP. The challenges are multiple; verification of skills, motivation, cultural match, level of psychological resilience etc. In addition, talent acquisition leaders report that the number of applicants to vacant HPP positions will increase the next years but their recruiting teams will remain the same size or even contract. This means recruiters will be expected to become more efficient by “doing more with less.”, adding to the challenge is the complicated access to professional recruiters specialized at recruiting individuals to positions and functions that require extraordinary psychological resilience. Today a significant part of the selection process of HPP are done manually through interviews which in some cases are supported by generic psychometric tests (not dedicated for HPP), the consequences are dire, 2 out of 3 selections are in retrospective shown to be a mismatch. Applying dedicated selection tools for HPP which are automated and which apply AI in the prediction and selection process represents a boon for recruiters if we can successfully automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks and most importantly improve the quality of the assessment of each candidate by providing unbiased predictive matching scores.