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MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning

Arctic Frontiers Emerging Leaders 2022

Tildelt: kr 34 999

Emerging Leaders is an early-career and mentoring program in the Arctic for young professionals from the academic, industry and policy sector. The program brings together leaders and mentors, and indigenous, business, and policy representatives, to tell the Arctic stories in an educational journey through Northern Norway. Through training, educational and cultural activities, and the contributions of competent and committed partners, the Emerging Leaders program serves as an international and cross-cultural platform for dialogue and exchange to support the arctic leaders of the future. As a postdoc I am at the early stage as a researcher, I wanted to get the most out of it as early as possible. Consequently, I wanted to attend the proposed program in 2022 to form and broaden my future career trajectory. The chance to get in contact with other attendees, and especially with mentors and representatives, highly extended my work-related network and the social side. Therefore, this program enabled me to take a journey through the Norwegian Arctic, discover its beautiful environment and, more importantly, I became familiar with leading research facilities. Since my working topic (microplastic pollution in Arctic environmental samples) is highly multidisciplinary, including different aspects, e.g., social management, bathymetry, ecotoxicology, and global warming, it was a great chance to develop a basis for further collaborations and projects. Moreover, it increased my knowledge and extended my skills in Arctic research. Participation in this outstanding programme and the following Arctic Frontiers conference gave me a detailed insight into the current Arctic studies' status quo, its outcomes, and the challenges that need to be focused on future research – Which hopefully will be led by an upcoming leader like me.


MILUTARENA-Formidlings- og koordineringstiltak knyttet for miljø- og utviklingsforskning