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Digital Product Passport

Tildelt: kr 99 999

DPP is a critical enabler of EU's European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan. Without adequate product data that capture the true environmental product composition, it is almost impossible to achieve the envisioned goals. University of Cambridge has published the report “Digital Product Passport: The ticket to achieving a climate neutral and circular European economy?”. It highlights the core challenges in establishing an environmental DPP. This project aims to address and solve these and other challenges that will arise during the development. X-Trade has already solved how we can automatically exchange existing product data between manufacturers and retailers independent of which system the actors are using within the furniture and building materials industries. In this project we will begin to map out what information is available and identify the need for additional information sources to get an adequate picture of the environmental structure of each product. We have identified that we will need to develop a new environmental product data structure. Based on this structure, X-Trade as a platform will be adjusted and we will develop a new report structure that can generate all the necessary environmental impact information for all the products, inside each organization and across the ecosystem. The project will enable implementation of automatic generation of global product ID, global classification, photo and product passport for requested product variants by retailers/dealers. The product passport will be built based on available environmental data collected from certified bodies (digitally integrated) and origin of raw material for parts of the product. Most likely, the product certificates at this stage will not be complete but will hold the infrastructure to expand to fully document passports as more information from providers becomes available.