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Project establishment of Women TechEU proposal for Medsensio – digital health solutions with integrated AI

Tildelt: kr 49 999

Medsensio has successfully applied for and received several national and EU-level grants for the R&D of our solution for remote monitoring of patients with chronic heart and lung conditions. Having removed the main regulatory and technology risks, the next phase ahead will be critical to establish our market position, drive continuous R&D and prepare the key preconditions for a successful scale up. In this context, Women TechEU offers a unique opportunity to our female-co-founded and female-lead team in getting expert and financial support for growing the team and the company forward. We have successfully utilized PES-2020 support in project establishment before, which is why we are confident that PES Horizon EU will give us a similarly valuable backing in preparing our Women TechEU proposal. During the project establishment phase we will collect necessary input including information from company strategy and business planning materials, input from the team and our advisors, tips and recommendations from our network and start-ups who applied for Women TechEU last year etc. Early in the process we will have a workshop with an advisor via Norway Health Tech to develop the strategy for the project, who will later on help with reviewing the text and provide suggestion for improvement.