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A-Doc, Smart Personalised Biometric Monitor

Tildelt: kr 0,35 mill.





2022 - 2022


This PES application is to financially support a high quality application for the EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Towards the Healthcare Continuum: technologies to support a radical shift from episodic to continuous healthcare. This is further developmental work from our WomenTech EU project, complementing our drug development Eurostars project. We believe this Pathfinder Challenge is highly suitable for our a-DOC medical home device. This is an accurate, rapid, compact and affordable system for consumers to have at home and measure their autoimmune disease activity using biometric data collected non-invasively, an approach that is highly novel and builds upon the ground-breaking scientific research. The data collected at home would be sent to an app on the owners smartphone showing how the each biometric is trending over time. We aim to develop this device for life-long monitoring of autoimmune diseases predicting flares and increases in disease activity early so that patients and healthcare providers can be warned of worsening disease activity and treated quickly. The end objective is proof of concept minimal viable product, and preliminary data from clinical studies to suggest adequate safety and performance of the device paying attention to minimizing false positives. No device exists today to monitor autoimmune disease activity rapidly or accurately at home, giving results in a simple and meaningful way (i.e., digitally in an app). The only exception is glucose monitoring for diabetics which is a very different application.