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Scenarioteket - A Virtual Reality platform for training health care professionals in non-technical skills

Tildelt: kr 0,25 mill.

Scenarioteket is an innovative VR platform that aggregates video training materials for Norwegian health providers and specialists so that they can stream non-technical training content on-demand. This platform will serve as a professional development tool for health care providers who need further training in, for example, motivational dialogue, therapeutical skills, and suicide- and violence evaluations of patients in specialist health services. The basic idea of this project is to contribute to the transformation and modernization of the health system with research and innovation that enhances health professionals’ ability to deal with complex interpersonal situations. A robust health sector is based on resilient and competent health professionals. Their competence is built not only on theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, the interpersonal skills relevant for the specific situation with a patient and its relatives. These kinds of scenarios can be simulated in a safe training setting through VR. The platform has the potential to innovatively reduce the burden on providers by being streamlined and flexible to fit their needs. Hence, mapping the detailed needs in the sector through interviews, surveys, and testing to specifically tailor the final product to them will be a cornerstone for the pre-project. VR has shown promising results as a tool for this training as it enables the development of new, realistic, credible and informative experiences outside of the actual patient relationship, and therefore expands therapists’ training possibilities. Being emotionally involved in psychological dilemmas is key to stimulating learning processes, and research on VR suggests that it can be an effective way to encourage learning through emotional reactions from realistic scenarios. Very little has already been done in this area and this project will therefore be groundbreaking work.




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