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Digital twin for Hydro Power Plants

Tildelt: kr 69 999

Overall conceptual framework to build a research-driven digital twin for existing hydro power plants focusing on maintenance and novel sensor technologies, based on recent funded projects VICINITY (RIA), GIFT (IA), AURORAL (IA) and SPADE (RIA) Data collection framework: • Novel sensor technologies (Research/Academia) • Weather data and forecasts • Copernicus and other data (Research/Academia) • Data – (semantic) interoperability Digital Twining: • Optimal daily operations (planned maintenance) • Optimal business operations (maximizing flexibility capacities) Monitoring / Assessing Environmental impacts: • Scientific substantiation of HPP environmental impacts • Planning of operation at minimal negative externalities on environment HYDROTWIN will be largely based on the output of H2020 projects AURORAL (https://auroral.eu/) GIFT (https://gift-h2020.eu) VICINITY (https://vicinity2020.eu), that is dedicated to the interoperability of various smart objects and digital twinning. In the frame of this project, (at least) the following features will be offered: - Convincing scientific ambition (novelty) of hydropower technologies in the field of modelling and simulation. - Well-founded models of Hydro Power Plant (HPP) operations (e.g., optimal operation vs. energy markets and vs. hydrological requirements of the flows where they are built). - Novelties in environmental models - Policy-making angle and renewing the sector - Unlocking the potential of sophisticated applications, exploiting the abundance of hydrological data in semantic formats, such as: - - Digital twins – supporting strategic decision making, - - Digital twins – supporting operational and tactical decision making, - - Early Alerting applications on serious weather conditions or other exceptional situations (accidents, threats) – considerably increasing the safety and security of HPP modes, - - Increasing the value of flexibility that HPP can offer, - - Monitoring the environmental impacts