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NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale

Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter (NSSM-2023)

Tildelt: kr 86 999

The 19th Nordic Workshop on Scattering from Soft Matter (NSSM-2023) https://www.ntnu.edu/physics/nssm-2023https://www.ntnu.edu/physics/nssm-2023 is preceded by 18 workshops in annual or biannual series originated from Lund, Sweden, and spread over all Nordic countries and towns including Kjeller, Uppsala, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Gothenburg and others. The event is organized in Trondheim at Scandic Lerkendal. The speakers will be a mixture of lecturers that have participated in this workshop series previously, and lecturers that are new in this context. When it comes to the NSSM 2023, we have invited speakers with X-ray (MAX IV Laboratory, Sweden), neutron (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK) and company background (DSM Materials, The Netherlands). Junior participants will give short lectures and receive feedback from one another, and from international and national senior researchers. The present organizers know this tradition well and have co-organized this workshop earlier in Kjeller and in Lund.


NANO2021-Nanoteknologi og nye materiale