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MARKSAM-Marked og samfunn

Policy Analysis for Norway using the CAPRI Moddeling System.

Tildelt: kr 1,8 mill.





2001 - 2005

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NILF has decided to continue as part of the CAPRI network and the further development of the CAPRI modelling system. This project aims at applicating the CAPRI modelling system to policy analysis for Norway, according to for example: 1. changes in the agr icultural policy in Norway according to the guidelines drawn in the latest White Paper on agricultural policy (St.meld. Nr. 19 (1999-200)), 2. possible further reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy in the EU and of the agricultural policy in Norway, i n the direction of more liberalised policy regimes, and 3. possible outcomes of the newly started WTO round. The successful application of a complex agricultural sector model in simulation runs requires up-to-date information, an operational system which provides politically relevant variables in short response times to scenario formulations, and the reliabilityof the economic allocation mechanisms. To ensure this, we need to ameliorate and update the CAPRI database with Norwegian data. In the last phase of the project, relevant political scenarios will be formulated in detail. The CAPRI modelling system will t hen be applied to the scenarios, and a comprehensive analysis of the results, also comparing with policy runs in the model Jordmod, will be carri ed out.

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MARKSAM-Marked og samfunn

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