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CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering

Development of large scale zero emission fuel cell for offshore application

Tildelt: kr 5,3 mill.





2002 - 2005


Norske Shell AS, through Shell Technology Norway AS, is currently investing in a zero emisson fuel cell power plant to be located at Kollsnes. The 250 kW pilot plant will be the first step towards offshore use of this technology, and further plans to buil d a 2-5 MW pilot plant is developed within Shell. The project focus on R&D challenges on the way to an offshore 20 MW unit: <h>1. Scale up SOFC technology to multiple MW size s required in the offshore and shipping business. <h>2. Reduce cost, weight a nd size of the current technology and business. <h>3. Study multiple fuels s.a. unconditioned NG or liquid fuels with varying content of heavy hydrocarbons and contaminants (H2S). <h>4. Meet "samll grid" demands (transients, large motor currente, black starts, trips etc.). <h>5. Map additional equipment need when moving offshore (start-up, load-dump, etc.). <h>6. Develop control system suited for remote control. <h>7. Complete systems design basis based on the above adapted for remote control.


CLIMIT-Forskning, utvikling og demo av CO2-håndtering