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SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD

Strategic University Programme in Medical Technology at NTNU/SINTEF/St.Olav´s Hospital, Phase 2 (videref. av 129104/420 Phase 1) (131606/V50

Tildelt: kr 13,0 mill.

This programme represents a continuation of the 4-year Strategic University Programme (SUP) in Medical Technology, which was established at NTNU in 1999 with a total of 20 mill NOK in funding from The Research Council of Norway (NFR). The present programm e covers the period 2003-2007 and has a total funding of 22 mill NOK. Implementation of the programme is based on the submitted application dated June 4, 2002, and the subsequent evaluation and funding determined by NFR. Research activities will take place in highly competent groups working in areas of medical technology such as magnetic resonance and ultrasound, medical biotechnology, biomaterials, and biomedical optics. The programme has the dual objective to encourage and support research in medical technology from a range of basic disciplines, as well as to focus and strengthen the research effort in selected areas of competence. The programme constitutes a significant contribution to the long-term establishment of advanced education and research in medical technology as a significant, successful, and sustainable activity in Trondheim, well integrated into the operations of NTNU, SINTEF and St.Olav’s Hospital. The programme is carried out in close collaboration with activities of the Strategic Research Area of Medical Technology at NTNU.


SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD