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Carbonate Reservoir Geomodels

Tildelt: kr 15,0 mill.





2004 - 2008



We will gain crucial information on the 3D geometry of fluid-flow units and spatial distribution of their petrophysical characteristics, in the following play types: (1) Cretaceous karstic shelf deposits, Cretaceous slope/base-of-slope deposits, and Eoce ne slope deposits, exposed in Italy (Gargano Promontory), (2) an Upper Miocene fringing reef complex (Lorca Basin) and Middle Miocene ramp deposits, exposed in southeastern Spain. In addition, we will also study outcrops of Middle Carboniferous - Early Pe rmian karstic deposits and carbonate build-ups in Spitsbergen; these deposits are analogous to potential targets in the Barents Sea. The geological and petrophysical data base we obtain will provide us with a basis on which to formulate numerical models for upscaling of permeability within dual-porosity reservoirs as well as models for the process of linking-up, propagation and arrest of fractures in layered carbonate reservoirs. The outcrop-based seismic modelling will provide us with valuable informati on on seismic reservoir characterization as well as information valuable to exploration of analogous reservoir types in frontier target areas. Moreover, we will develop tools and workflows tailor-made for exploration and reservoir characterization of carb onates. The integrated study will boost carbonate research at Norwegian universities and research institutions, and will make the "Carbonate Research Group" attractive R&D suppliers to national and international petroleum companies.

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PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

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