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ReelWell - Jointed string version. for new drilling concept to improve the cost efficiency for exploration and production drilling.

Tildelt: kr 99 999

The project aims on development of a new concept for drilling and completion of petroleum wells. The main purpose of the work is to clarify the technical foundation and organisation possibilities for a Joint Industry Project for developing a new concept for drilling. Some of the technical foundation and feasibility for this work, has already been investigated, see references in appendix. The concept is based on a new and patented idea for well construction. The idea is to perform the drilling operation with a dual drill string and a downhole movable packer, which implies a re-arrangement of the drilling fluid hydraulics compared to conventional drilling. The method can utilise modern drilling equiepment with small modifications, however, some new parts have to be implemeted and verified. The concept has large consequences for future drilling operations: - Improved safety, additional barriers and better well control for underbalanced drilling. - Improved performence, it solves problems for drilling in depleted reservoirs. - Reduced costs, due to lighter drilling equipment, less problems and faster operations. - Improved environmental impact, better safety and less pollution discharge. There is considerable interest in the industry on the topic and tec hnology. However, the organisation and funding of such a development project is a challenge. A proposal for a Joint Industry Project on this technology needs thorough preparation on the technical content and the organisation possibilities. This applicatio n is on the coverage of the work needed to perform this project preparation.


PETROMAKS-Maksimal utnyttelse av petroleumsreserver

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