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RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer

Distributed information in electricity grid operation - Developing solutions for communication and work practice

Tildelt: kr 3,1 mill.

The project focuses on interaction between organisation and technology in order to analyse requirements for technological solutions, which will efficently support work processes. The research tasks will be based on an interdisciplinary approach. It will b e based on in-depth field studies of work and work organization. It will consist of the following three tasks: - Exploring innovative work practice and advanced ICTs: Includes reviewing existing litterature and case studies, as well as invoving actors in the partner companies in identifying and adressing challenges. Findings will be systematized along lines such as task type, organization type, relation between company divisions, functions and external contractors, company size and geography. The finding s will be used to design the specific case studies. - Work practice analysis: The project will conduct in-depth field studies of information usage in among field crews. Furthermore, information flows in the comapnies will be followed in order to identify difficult areas of translation between organizational units. These findings will be the empirical grounding for suggested changes in strategy and suggested organizational callenges. - Strategies for co-developing future ICT system and work practice: Ana lyses and findings from the first two tasks will serve as input to i) further develop work practices, to ii) develop information flow and design in the organization, and iii) suggest ways of improving information flows between operators and contractors. The project will report findings to the involved industial partners and the industry at large in the form of reports. Dissimination to the research community will be done with 2 yearly contributions to international research conferences, as well as one p eer-reviewed journal paper every year. The project will integrate one PhD-candidate in the project.


RENERGI-Fremtidens rene energisystemer