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SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD

Business-related biotchnology at UMB

Tildelt: kr 3,0 mill.

The university is not satisfied with the present status regarding commercialization of research results and wants to look at alternative ways of defining the outcome of the research projects. Traditionally, publishing the results in scientific journals ha s been the sole "goal" of the research projects. In an attempt to focus on commercialization, the present SUP defines other goals, more in line with this ambition. Thus, patents may be the "publication" of choice before traditional publication in scientif ic journals. Reasearch will be performed in three different areas: Enzymes, bacterial cell factories and nutritional beneficial organisms or compounds. We believe that this research is necessary for the university to perform in order to generate more star t-up companies and this SUP application will focus on this kind of research.


SUP-NHD-Strategiske UoH-progr.fin.NHD