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SHP-Strategiske høgskoleprogram

Larval Quality in Aquaculture: Development of Knowledge and Technology Platform to Improve Larviculture

Tildelt: kr 5,9 mill.

Poor larval quality is one of the major constrains in aquaculture. We propose to undertake a multidisciplinary research aiming at better understanding of mechanisms resulting in observable quality of farmed larvae. The new knowledge will be applied to imp rove larval production. We propose to collect the information on fundamental factors and features related to larval quality, both from the wild and aquaculture conditions, and to develop a technology platform of functional genomics to investigate mechanis ms involved in larval quality. Anticipated deliverables include: 1) establishment of functional genomics technology platform at the Bodø University College to enhance research on larviculture; 2) estimation of reproductive potential and egg quality of wil d-caught breeders and comparing larval performance in both wild-caught and aquaculture-born stocks; and 3) improve the nutritional quality of feeds and fish welfare. The focus will be given to Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus), important species to the Norwegian and Nordland aquaculture industry, as well as to sea urchins, being model organisms and potential new aquaculture species. The proposed research is highly relevant to the aquaculture industry, including l ocal (Nordland County), national and international levels and the deliverables can be directly applicable. The strategic goal of the project is to bring and/or create the knowledge and competence particularly important for the development of Bodø Universi ty College. It is anticipated that the project will substantially help to build up our competence in larviculture-related issues in wide developmental, behavioural, physiological and ecological angle.


SHP-Strategiske høgskoleprogram