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FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur

CenBio. FME-forskningsinfrastruktur

Tildelt: kr 4,0 mill.

FME-CenBio will invest in a range of equipment covering key biological and technical steps in the conversion of biomass to energy. All components are essential for achieving CenBio objectives. Most of the equipment consists of commercially available assem blies. The proposed equipment covers a major part of the CenBio research chains for stationary heat and power production: a. combustion of biomass, and b. anaerobic digestion of biomass. The equipment relates to inventory methods, ecosystem nutrient turno ver, high quality biofuels, and conversion efficiencies, all based on forest biomass (chain a). Further on the equipment relates to technological and microbiological implications for efficient conversion of new biomass fractions and mixtures of these (cha in b). Some components are applicable to a multiple of tasks performed in the bioenergy laboratories at Ås and in Trondheim.


FMEINFRA-FME - utstyr/infrastruktur