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Measuring the scientific and economic results of research inputs

Tildelt: kr 3,0 mill.





2013 - 2016




This project aims at exploiting Norways international comparative advantage in survey and register data in an international collaborative effort to provide new evidence on the results of research inputs. It will be a part of an international effort to bui ld research data infrastructures to develop consistent, internationally recognized, evidence-based platforms to assess the results of science and engineering investments and add to the understanding of the relationship between research, innovation and a b road set of societal outcomes. The potential for generating internationally comparable data from the current Norwegian data infrastructure will be assessed. Another goal is to use the data to assess the results of investments in research and development, both regarding the impact of R&D investments in firms on their own and others productivity, and the the impact of research funding on research productivity and wider output measures. Three questions are addressed; the first is the productivity impact of R&D investment, the second is the role of Phd qualifications, scientists, and engineers in research and in the implementation of new technology, and the third is the way in which the gains from R&D is shared between employees and employers. Aspects of re nt sharing will be compared between the US and Norway, with emphasis on incentives both to research, innovate, and implement new technology

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