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ENERGIX-Stort program energi

SET8 - IFEs Deltakelse i EERA-JPGE (Geotermisk) Dette er forlengelse av løpende prosjekt

Tildelt: kr 0,15 mill.





2014 - 2016

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IFE has been member of EERA-JPGE since November 2011. We have joined JPGE as experts on tracer technology, corrosion and scaling, where we have a rich experience from oil and gas industry. The initiative came from Petroleum Sector at IFE which participated in two FP5 EU projects on geothermal energy (Soultz and Engine) where Jiri Muller has been the initiator. IFEs Petroleum Sector experience in these areas is in demand from geothermal research organisation in Europe and overseas. JPGE has today 5 SPs, and our know-how in tracer technology and flow assurance (corrosion and scaling) is in demand in all 5 SPs which are (after restructuring in 2014): SP1:Resource assessment SP2:Exploration SP3:Accessing and engineering a reservoir SP4:Process engineering and management of geothermal systems SP5:Sustainability, environment and regulatory framework In May 2012, IFE organised a workshop for EERA-JPGE on tracer technology, corrosion and scaling, where participants from all five SPs took part. The workshop was a success. We wish to use our expertise in forthcoming EU proposals initiated by EERA, therefore it is important that we participate in workshops, seminars organised by all SPs. Results of the workshops will be disseminated through CGER (Norwegian Center for Geothermal Energy Research),where IFE (Jiri Muller) is represented in the ExCo, and also through IEA-GIA, where IFE (Jiri Muller) also sits on ExCo. The impact will be an increased participation of Norwegian organisations in forthcoming Horizon 2020 projects on geothermal energy.


ENERGIX-Stort program energi