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GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform

Flexible zero emission bulk logistics – powered by green ammonia

Tildelt: kr 0,30 mill.




2021 - 2021

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In the proposed pre-project Viridis Bulk Carriers will work together with the Arena Ocean Hyway Cluster (OHC) to create the basis for a Green Platform main project application, building a consortium of leading technology suppliers, cargo owners, green ammonia suppliers and research institutions. The main project will be to develop and build a series of flexible zero emission, ammonia powered bulk carriers to form part of an efficient logistics system, also including shore terminals and bunkering, to decarbonise seaborne cargo transportation for a variety of different industries. A key development goal is to increase productivity in the logistics chain, and thus reduce the cost impact of utilizing green ammonia fuel, which will initially be more expensive than fuels used today. Realization of the project will have a significant impact on local pollutants and global CO2 emissions from shipping, in addition to reducing value chain emissions for other industries which have a need to transport large bulk and special project cargo volumes. In sum the expected result is more sustainable shipping of goods, decreased emissions and development of sustainable business models for project partners.


GRØNNPLATTFORM-Grønn plattform