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Ultra-Wideband Foundry Platforms for PICs based on III-V Semiconductors for highly versatile multi-industry application cases

Tildelt: kr 49 999

The ULTRAPICS project aims to research, design, manufacture and test a new family of ultra-fast, ultra-wideband photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This new PIC platform will be based on a new material that both (1) allows a level of functional integration that is currently not possible in current PICs and (2) enables Chip NanoImaging to overcome key technological challenges around the optimal performance and current use of PIC chips in our products. If the project is successful, these new chips from ULTRAPICS will be applied to many industries, including industrial and biomedical application cases for which there are application partners in the consortium. For the case of Chip NanoImaging, if the new ULTRAPICS chips achieve superior performance and features (incl. propagation loss, phase modulation), Chip NanoImaging AS could use this PIC to create patterns of illumination for a new microscopy application called chip-based structured illumination microscopy that we pioneered (published in Nature Photonics in 2020) which can double the resolution against diffraction limited methods, making our new approach much more competitive in the fluorescent microscopy space and more prone to industrialization / scale-up.