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DIV-AKT-KT - Planlegging, utredning og evaluering

Trondheim Tech Port 2022 Conference: Bridging the Gap

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LET'S BRIDGE THE GAP! In most cases, innovation is the result of a joint effort of many different actors; companies collaborating with public administrations, startups spinning out of academia, policymakers simplifying capital investing, etc. These connections are rarely pre-made and set in stone – this is the gap we want to bridge so that we can innovate even more while nurturing and learning from the relations that already exist and innovate. Trondheim Tech Port is striving towards world-class innovation for a sustainable future. We will achieve this by exploring, showcasing, and challenging sustainable innovation within the technological areas that Norway excels in: health, ocean, and energy. Within these three thematic areas, we will showcase cutting-edge technologies, celebrate achievements, and address challenges. OUR OBJECTIVES: 1. Increase Trondheim- and Norway's innovation output by reducing the distance between the innovation actors, gathering them all, and giving them a space to meet, inspire each other, and collaborate. 2. Showcase Trondheim's technological contributions to a sustainable world. 3. Showcase Trondheim as an attractive city for investment and business for Norwegian and global actors. 4. Increase value creation from tech startups and scaleups. 5. Explore the technological fields of health, ocean, and energy technology. 6. Facilitate new innovation processes in Norway and promote science-based technological innovation. 7. "Bridge the gap" by giving entrepreneurs access to experts in the field of business development and innovation. 8. Address national and local challenges connected to generating more innovation (including investing in diversity). Our target groups ? We have chosen the whole innovation ecosystem to be our target group: - Academia & researchers - Businesses - Public administrations - Policymakers - Startups - Investors - TTOs - Incubators & accelerators - Clusters For more info: www.trondheimtechport.no/conference-2022


DIV-AKT-KT - Planlegging, utredning og evaluering